GGD AC low voltage distribution switchgear applies to power plant, substation and industrial and mining enterprises.
It can provide power distribution system with AC50HZ, 380V rated working voltage and rated working current up to 3150A.
It can functions as electric energy conversion, distribution and control for power ,lighting and distribution equipment.

MNS low voltage draw-out switchgear is suitable for low voltage power supply  & distribution system with 50HZ rated frequency, AC380V rated working voltage and AC660V rated isolation voltage.
MNS series of products produced by our company have got  China Compulsory Certification and passed successfully the type test  carried out by national designated testing institution by one time.


GCK(GCL)low voltage draw-out switchgear consists of power distribution center (PC) cabinet and motor control center (MCC),
applicable in AC 50Hz, max. working current to 3150A distribution system of electric users such as power plant, substation industrial/mining enterprises etc., for electric energy conversion and distribution control of power distribution equipments such as power distribution, motor control and lighting etc.

 GG-1A(F) eMisoperation prevented High voltage switchgear is fixed type with error-protected device, applicable to single bus system of AC 50Hz; rated voltage 3, 6, 10kV; rated current 1000A; rated breaking current max. to 31.5kA, as indoor complete power-distribution HV equipment for receiving or distributing electric energy.

XGN2-10(Z) Box type fixed metal closed switchgear is used in 3, 6, 10kV triphase AC 50Hz system for power reception and distribution.

KYN28A(GZS1)Indoor metal armoured medium switchgear , initiated by former Ministry of power industry, Ministry of machine industry.
It is applicable to triphase AC 50/60HZ electric system, used to receive and distribute power and control, protect and monitor circuit.