SMEGE Motor drive technology department is A drive product provider with rich experience and independent innovation capability, providing inverter, low voltage motor soft starter, and high voltage soft starter.

All the products have CE certification.


2 main series of VFDs: M200, M800.   The voltage ranges are from 110V to 1140V; power range covers 0.4kW to 1000Kw.

2 main series of lv moto soft starters:MR-L,MR-H. The voltage ranges are 380/415V, 660/690V,  1140V; power range covers 7.5kW to 1000Kw

1 main serie of HV moto soft starters:MH100. The voltage ranges are 3KV, 6KV, 10/11KV; power range covers 400kW to 1000Kw.

Our products are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry and municipal administration , print, CNC machine, food package, injection machine, fan, pump, air compressor, water treatment, industrial washing machine and many industrial applications.

SMEGE has more than 30 dealers in china and abroad. Now our products are exported to more than 50 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and America. SMEGE will always dedicate in the field of electrical drive and warmly welcome you to be our partner.


M200 Series

Advanced Vector Control Inverter

. Senseless flux vector control (VC) V/F(Voltage/Frequency) Control
. Overload cpacity is 60s for 150% of the rated current, 3s for 180% of the rated current.
. Ten auxiliary frequency sources.
. Can implement fine trning of auxiliary frequency and frequency synthesis
. Support PM motor(M200 T series)
. Power range: 220/240V 0.4 - 7.5kW, 380/415V 0.75 - 450kW 

M800 Series

High Performance Advanced Vector Control Inerter

. The carrier frequency is automatically adjusted based on the load featrues;
. Wide frequency range, adapt to most applications;
. V/F control, On board PID control;
Modbus communication;
. Support for various PG card; Special for kinds of industries, with tension control, spindle servo, support for PM motor ect.;
. Power range: 220/240V   0.4 - 3.7kW,
                      380/415V   0.75 - 1000kW,
                      660/690V   55-1000kW

MR-L Series

Low voltage motor soft starter

    MR-L motor soft starter is a new type motor starting and protection device that is integrated with power electronic technology,microprocessor and automatic control.This soft starter is able to steadily start and stop without step change so as to avoid mechanical or electric impact resulted from using conventional starting mode such as direct starting,star-delta starting and auto voltage reducing starting,and effectively reduce starting current and distribution capacity for fear of more investment on capacity expansion.Meanwhile, MR-L soft starter internal integrated current transformer,there’s no need for external connection.

MR-H Series

Low voltage motor soft starter

MR-H soft starter is a new intelligent asynchronous motor starting and protection device. It is a motor terminal control equipment that integrates start, display, protection, and data collection. With the fewer components, user can achieve more complex control functions. The Chinese and English interface display makes the operation much easier. As MR-H soft starter is inbuilt with a current transformer, the external one is not needed.