Through tight integration of technologies of PLC, DCS, SCADA, FIELD-BUS, and INTERNET etc, to realize automation control of factory production and management process.

Reduce the labor intensity

Enhance production efficiency

Provide abnormal protection, avoid misoperation and safety risk

SMEGE assembles outstanding managerial personnel of production operation and process equipment operation from severial fields. SMEGE staff have profound understanding and rich experience in production technology, equipment characteristics, and operation mode of electricity, metallurgy, cement, and air separation, etc. SMEGE can provide efficient, economical, and practical automatic production system for our customers, which includes consultation, design, Complete set, erection, commissioning, and operation.

In the monitoring center, BITOAN air product automation factory cluster system will proceed centralized production operation and technical parameters on the information from air product factories that are scattered across the country. It adopts advanced and reliable automation control technology to realize unattended operation and automatic operation.

 The automation system of rolling production line designed by our company employs Siemens PLC series(S7-400/300, S7-1500) or RockWell PLC Logix series, having the characteristics  of steady property, high processing speed, fine  expansibility and flexible configuration.  

 The steel-making automation system designed by our company employs Siemens PLC series, having the characteristics  of steady property high processing speed, fine  expansibility and flexible configuration. The steel-making system is composed of four processes or workshops: iron liquid pre-processing, converter  or electric arc furnace, external refining and continuous casting.

Distribution automation system, a kind of integrated automation system, is designed to enhance emergency handling ability of power distribution network, alleviate operation, maintenance and management works of distribution equipment and improve technological and management level. It can monitor, coordinate and manage Ihe equipment in each link of power distribution network and optimize the operation of the whole distribution network.