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BITOAN has Design R&D Dept., Engineering Dept., Electric equipment manufacture Factory, and Product agent.

    R&D Dept.

 The R&D Dept. is  responsible for engineering consultation and design of power sub-station, equipment research and developement of power sub-station and factory electrical system, consultation and design of factory electricty, and related engineering management business.  R&D Dept. sets up talent groups in the fields of process, electric engineering, control, The specific design sevices are as follows: 
      ♦   Power Substation & Distribution Engineering Design
      ♦   Factory Electricty Design
      ♦   Factory Automatic system Design
      ♦   Electric Equipment Design
      ♦   Research and development of new electric technology

    Engineering Dept.

The Engineering Dept. is responsible for the installation project of  power delivery and power transformation, electric power equipment installation, Power station construction, sub-station construction, and installation related to electromechanical equipment, and it is fully-qualified and absolutely capable of  EPC engineering from installation, construction, testing, detection, maintenance until turn-key. 

   Electric equipment manufacture Factory

      The manufacturers supply the key electric equipment required in engineering for BITOAN:
      Medium voltage and Low Voltage Switchgear, Inverter & Soft-starter, PLC control cabinet,power box ,  power distribution box. 


    Product agent 

BITOAN keeps close cooperation and management with well-known electric equipment manufacturers domestic and overseas.We are agent for the products of  ABB,Siemens,schneider,Yuguang,and Shenghua. We provide product quality guarantee for our project and reduce project cost for our customers in the meantime.