Service Principle

         With the management policy of integrity-based and principle of "Quality First, Customer Supreme", BITOAN actively explores domestic and foreign markets to pursue reputation by good quality and development by good reputation and keeps pace with time and clutches pulse of the market.

 Company Concern------Customers' needs

      To satisfy our customers' needs is our foundamental starting point. The development motive of our company comes from our customers' needs. All the actions took and services provided by our company are to meet our cutomers' needs. Zero contract violation, zero mistake, zero complaint, zero accident, 100 percent satisfication by our customers.  

 Company Spirit------Responsibility, High-efficiency, Results

       Responsibility: Whether it is the enterprises' overall behavior or the employees' individual performance, they have to fulfill the commitments and establish a good image of integrity. The commitment stems from the responsibility of the enterprise to the society, the customers, the employees, the partners, and bases on the employees earnestly fulfilling their duties to the enterprise. 

       High efficiency: Adhere to the unity of high efficiency and high benefit no matter in the realization of product explortation and sevices or the operation of the whole internal mechanism. Optimized procedure, reasonable source allocation, advanced information technology and standardized operating mechnism are the guarantee of the unity of high efficiency and high benefit. 

      Result: We clearly understand that the cutomers choose us because we can provide the results they want. All the levels inside the company have the meaning of their existance because they can provide the needed result for each other. Providing the result is everything.

Quality belief------Be responsible for the project quality

      The quality of our products and services not only concern the project safety and benefit but also the safety of the society and the public,  the survival and development of the enterprise, and the employees' career. Being responsible for the engineering quality means being responsible for the society, the public and customers, and also for the growth of the employees' own careers.

 Safety motto-----Be responsible for ourselves and for others

      Whenever and wherever, safety is always the first priority. Through every effort we exert, we try not to hurt ourselves or others, or be hurt by others, and try to protect other from any harm, in order to guarantee safety of our and other people's life. 

 Environment protection criterion-----Protecting the environment is protecting ourselves

       Protecting the environment must start from ourselves, from now and from very petty things. Save the energy and reduce the emission, and conserve the sources.
       We have the responsibility and duty to exert every effort to stop or reduct the bad influence on envrionment through our work. Idle talk can do no help. Everyone should start protecting the environment from ourselves, from now and from very petty things, in order to protect our planet Earth we are living on.